El Sauzal Cultural Centre

El Sauzal

Project Description
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The plot is situated in the centre of El Sauzal, a small town that occupies a prominent hillside position in the northeast of the island of Tenerife.

The building is located in a pocket of land inside an existing block and connects a new system of open spaces—footpaths and landscaped areas—that run on a north-south axis down the hillside and are intended to foster urban relations in this direction.

The essential idea of the building is to create an open, multi-purpose space where the local council can carry out different cultural activities.

Due to the diversity of the predicted program uses (municipal library, small auditorium, media centre, etc.) and the need to adapt to the steep grade of the hillside, the building has been distributed into several segments arranged in a stepped fashion. These make up the different areas of the Cultural Centre, and are arranged around two large landscaped areas that link the access level to the different segments with the sloped, exterior public space, and with the footpath that leads to the surrounding town squares.

This distribution creates a subtle differentiation and independence between the various proposed functional areas, expressing the public nature of the building and its pathways as an extension of the exterior public space.


El Sauzal Cultural Centre


Calle Constitución,7. El Sauzal. Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain


GPY Arquitectos

Project Team

Juan Antonio González Pérez, Urbano Yanes Tuña

Technical Team

José Domingo Bethencourt, Juan José de Armas

Civil Engineers

Gpi Ingenieros

Technical Drawings

Miriam Hernández Pérez


Canary Islands Regional Government: Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs


Ferconsa / Construcciones Jaers

Constructed Surface

1,808.10 m2


José Luis González Doña


José Ramón Oller


Premio de Arquitectura de Canarias Manuel de Oráa y Arcocha, XIth Edition, 2004: Selected


Book: Ruiz Cabrero, Gabriel: Guía de Arquitectura Contemporánea / Contemporary Architecture Guide 1962-2006. Tenerife. Tenerife: Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, 2008

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