Studio-House in Acorán

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Project Description
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The site is situated on the Acorán residential estate, a developing area in the southwestern region of the city of Santa Cruz.

The house is L-shaped, oriented towards the views and closed off from the street. Two floors, unfolding at different levels, define the relative differences between the levels of the house and the landscape.

The programme combines uses that are meant to function with a certain amount of independence, sharing only the general areas of the kitchen, dining room, lounge and garden. The main entrance is located at an intermediate level, providing access to the studio on the upper floor via a slight incline, and descending to the living area over a stepped ramp. This adaptation to the steep slope of the land allows for a certain isolation from the surrounding buildings.

The wing parallel to the street contains the master bedroom on the ground floor; from there, one has access to the painting and sculpture studio on the top floor, which can also be accessed independently from the outside, via a bridge.

In the perpendicular wing we find the kitchen, the dining room and the lounge, the latter of which opens out completely towards the garden. On the upper floor, the guest rooms, apart from relating directly with the kitchen and the rest of the common areas of the house, also have an independent access from the outside.

Entering the house, a cleavage, formed by diverging walls, frames, like the barrancos (ravines) do, the distant landscape and the sea.


Acorán Studio-House


Acorán Estate, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain


GPY Arquitectos

Project Team

Juan Antonio González Pérez, Félix Francisco Perera Pérez, Urbano Yanes Tuña

Technical Team

Rafael Fernández Domínguez

Civil Engineers

Gpi Ingenieros

Technical Drawings

Miriam Hernández Pérez


Margarita Hoyo Sierra, Ricardo de la Torriente Oria


Efcon, S.L.

Constructed Surface

213.80 m2


José Luis González Doña


José Ramón Oller, Efraín Pintos


Bienal Miami+Beach, 2003: Silver Medal | Premio de Arquitectura de Canarias Manuel de Oráa y Arcocha, IXth Edition, 2000: Honourable Mention.


Books: George Lam (ed.): House & Housing 101. Hong Kong: BeisiStudio, 2012 Ruiz Cabrero, Gabriel: Guía de Arquitectura Contemporánea / Contemporary Architecture Guide 1962-2006. Tenerife. Tenerife: Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, 2008 Ciudad, Arte y Ciudadanía. Bienal de Lanzarote / Fotoars 2003. Lanzarote: MIAC Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, 2003 Magazines: Arquitectos n.156 (2000), Basa n.23 (2000), Pasajes n.33 (2002)

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